Please join us for our ANNUAL CONFERENCE  Nov. 5-7, 2015


Holy Cross Seminary – Boston, Massachusetts

Keynote Speaker: Holy Confession and the Freedom to Be, Fr. Stavros Kofinas, D.Min., Coordinator of the Network of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for Pastoral Health Care.
The Conference will begin at 7pm on Thursday, Nov. 5, and end at 6pm on Saturday, Nov. 7.
Members, nonmembers, students, clergy, healthcare professionals and nonprofessionals are invited to attend!
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 Click here for the Program of our 2014 Conference, “Exploring the Mind, Body, Soul Connection: Spirituality in Illness and Healing”

The 2014 conference was recorded by Ancient Faith Radio. Click here to listen to the presentations. 


OCAMPR exists to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote Christian fellowship among healing professionals in medicine, psychology and religion. Members pursue an understanding of the whole person which integrates the basic assumptions of medicine, psychology and religion within the Orthodox Christian faith in educating and serving Church and community.

OCAMPR contributes to the spiritual sustenance and growth of helping and healing professionals who experience their Orthodox Christian faith as the center of their professional life and ministry.  Inter-jurisdictional and endorsed by the Episcopal Assembly (formerly SCOBA),  OCAMPR is for those who seek to better understand and experience the best relationship between theology and the healing arts and sciences, to better offer their services in the light of Christ’s truth and the Church’s healing wisdom.

Members share a love for Christ and the holistic view of personhood and sacredness inherent in Eastern Orthodoxy as it informs their professional lives and practices in medicine, nursing, mental health, psychology, ethics, theology, parish ministry, parish nursing, prison and community ministry, social services, and military, institutional and community chaplaincy.