2019 Annual Conference

“Isolation. Violence. Hope and Communion.”

November 7 – 9

Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church
1401 Wagner Rd., Glenview, IL (Chicago area)


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Conference Theme

Hardly a week goes by without news of another tragedy, a shooting, violence in our cities, rising suicide rates, crazy stories of murder, abduction, human trafficking, and even abortion. We all know of people who refuse to watch the news at night because it is so disturbing. And we have all become familiar with the ritual of news of an active shooter, numbers of dead, capture/suicide of the shooter, stories of the lost, stories of the heroic, political rhetoric where the positions are pre-determined and the statements predictable. Increasingly we hear words of despair. “What can we do to stop the violence?”

Equally predictable is the sense of hopelessness we experience as individuals, communities, and even as a country in the face of violence. And the stories of the shooters, the perpetrators, are often the same. Men, mostly, who live lives of isolation and reflect a growing phenomenon in our wealthy country of psychologically and spiritually vulnerable individuals living painfully isolated lives who mentally snap under the weight of psychological and spiritual forces of rage and evil.

Particularly in our first world setting, where we have lived in relative peace for a lifetime, the presence of ongoing and random violence in our communities serves to unsettle us and frustrate our expectation that this should not be happening.

Yet for the Orthodox Church, violence is nothing new. The Church was birthed in violence. Thousands of babies were murdered at the command of Herod around the time of Christ’s birth. Eleven of the 12 apostles were brutally murdered. Church history is an unbroken history of Christian saints losing their lives, offering up their lives, to pirates, barbarians, and even enraged family members. First and foremost, we worship a God who died a violent death. However, He was not murdered. Christ, the Light, entered this world of violence and offered Himself and His Church as an invitation to communion and life in the face of violence.

Join us this Fall at our Annual Conference as we explore: Isolation. Violence. Hope and Communion,” and how it is that we as Orthodox care providers can live and love as light in a violent world searching in vain for solutions.


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Recordings of all the presentations from our 2018 Conference are available at Ancient Faith HERE.


OCAMPR exists to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote Christian fellowship among healing professionals in medicine, psychology and religion. Members pursue an understanding of the whole person which integrates the basic assumptions of medicine, psychology and religion within the Orthodox Christian faith in educating and serving Church and community.

OCAMPR contributes to the spiritual sustenance and growth of helping and healing professionals who experience their Orthodox Christian faith as the center of their professional life and ministry.  Inter-jurisdictional and endorsed by the Episcopal Assembly (formerly SCOBA),  OCAMPR is for those who seek to better understand and experience the best relationship between theology and the healing arts and sciences, to better offer their services in the light of Christ’s truth and the Church’s healing wisdom.

Members share a love for Christ and the holistic view of personhood and sacredness inherent in Eastern Orthodoxy as it informs their professional lives and practices in medicine, nursing, mental health, psychology, ethics, theology, parish ministry, parish nursing, prison and community ministry, social services, and military, institutional and community chaplaincy.

You may purchase a copy of the book, “Pain, Suffering, and Resilience,” containing presentations from the 2016 and 2017 Conferences, from Sebastian Press at http://www.sebastianpress.org/product-p/sp-bk-ps-2018-002.htm