OCAMPR holds monthly Interdisciplinary Community of Practice gatherings for OCAMPR members of all professional disciplines to attend. Past events have been recorded and are available for members to view in the OCAMPR Member Portal. Become a member today to access these recordings and join us at the next Interdisciplinary Community of Practice gathering.

June, 2024

Presented by Fr. George Dahdouh

What I Learned Being a Hospice Chaplain as a Priest

During this event, Fr. George shared his experience as a Hospice Chaplain. He recounted the joys and challenges faced in this ministry, while inspiring participants to adapt to new challenges in their own lives.

May 2024

Silvia Farag, MSW, LSW, PsyD Candidate

The Science of Service

This presentation explored the healing power of service through an evidenced based Orthodox Christian perspective. Service is deeply rooted in Christian teachings, and its impact goes far beyond spiritual fulfillment. During this presentation, Silvia uncovered how serving others aligns with both religious principles and scientific findings with countless benefits to our minds and souls.

April 2024

Ioana Popa, MD, BCC, MTS

Member Networking Event

There is great joy in meeting like minded Orthodox Christian professionals at an OCAMPR Conference coffee break, and we sought to recreate this experience in a virtual Networking event. During this gathering, members enjoyed 4 one-on-one break out sessions in which they connected and networked before wrapping up with a large group reflection.

Participants, both longtime members and those new to OCAMPR, appreciated the opportunity to gain inspiration and enthusiasm from other OCAMPR members. They asked us to hold more events like this in the future. Keep an eye out for our next virtual member networking event; we look forward to getting to know you!

March 2024

Jim Gore, MD

Offer Your Talents and Leave the Results to Him

Dr. Jim Gore presented and led a discussion about the impact that the St. Sampson Medical Clinic at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Nashville has had on the uninsured population in Tennessee. Dr. Gore serves as the President of St. Panteleimon Society, an organization that encourages healthcare and mental healthcare providers to join in fellowship and in the attendance of liturgical services, inspiring Orthodox Christians to discern opportunities for community service.

February 2024

Fr. Vasileios Thermos, MD, PhD

Soul – Psyche, Spirituality – Therapy: Theoretical Clarifications and Practical Consequences

In this session, Fr. Stephen explored themes offered in his plenary talk at the 2023 OCAMPR conference on the intersection between psychology and the dia-Logos of Eucharistic ontology; specifically ways persons in the healing professions have experienced healing and refreshment through encounters with those they serve.

January 2024

Fr. Stephen Muse, PhD, LPC, LMFT

Sacred Hospitality: the dia-Logos of Love

In this session, Fr. Stephen explored themes offered in his plenary talk at the 2023 OCAMPR conference on the intersection between psychology and the dia-Logos of Eucharistic ontology; specifically ways persons in the healing professions have experienced healing and refreshment through encounters with those they serve.

November 2023

Randa K. Anderson, PhD

Sacred Hospitality: Reflections from the 2023 OCAMPR Conference

Did you miss the 2023 Annual OCAMPR Conference and want to get a sense of what took place? Listen to the November CoP, where OCAMPR Board President and participants shared their experiences and reflected on the many enlightening presentations.

This Community of Practice recording is available to OCAMPR members and nonmembers.

August 2023

Randa K. Anderson, PhD and Kristina Baktis, LPAT, LCAT

Sacred Hospitality: The Healing Encounter

The 2023 OCAMPR Conference Co-Chairs came together ahead of the conference to discuss the conference theme—Sacred Hospitality. Within our professional roles, at the heart of our care providing, is hospitality: accepting God’s invitation to participate in sharing with people God’s healing power, regardless of what they look like, what they think or believe or how they behave. The Icon of the Hospitality of Abraham reveals the presence of the Holy Trinity in this encounter, who extends God’s love, joy, peace, and healing to both providers and the ones whom they serve.

June 2023

Presvytera Melanie DiStefano, MDIV & Natalie Kapeluck Nixon, BA

One and Yet Varied: Tending the Wounds of Families with Disabilities with Discernment

Presenters used Holy Scripture and teachings of the Saints to emphasize what is commonly helpful in ministering to all families/all persons with disabilities; and, alternatively, how discernment is needed in considering the unique and varied realities of each person and family’s lived experience. They draw from their experiences in disability ministry and as parents of children with disabilities.

May 2023

Bishop JOHN, DMin, Antiochian Bishop of Worcester and New England

The Interface between Orthodox Clergy and Orthodox Professional Caregivers

At this Community of Practice gathering, Bishop JOHN discussed how Orthodox clergy and professional care givers cooperate, commiserate, and collaborate for the benefit of the Church and her faithful? There are misconceptions to overcome and creative opportunities to explore.

April 2023

Sarah Byrne-Martelli, DMin BCC-PCHAC

When Grief Challenges our Faith

As Christians, we are called to grieve with hope. Yet, the emotions and experiences of grief can cause us to question long-held religious beliefs, question our relationship with God, and wonder how our suffering, anger, sadness, and other normal grief responses can possibly co-exist with a hope-filled faith. The presenter and the participants reflected together about these questions and discussed ways to facilitate honesty, spiritual reflection, growth, and deepening of faith in the midst of loss.

March 2023

Philip Mamalakis, Ph.D., LMFT

Therapy vs Confession: Therapy as Confessional

As Orthodox Christians we understand Confession as an important part of our growth and healing. As care providers, we offer, or facilitate healing of mind, body, and soul. This presentation explored how the Church reveals Confession, not just as a singular act of forgiveness of sins, but as a pattern of healing in helping relationships.

February 2023

Fr. Sean A. Levine, Chaplain (Major) US Army, M.A.T.S, M.A.B.L., M.S. (MFT), M.Div.

Becoming Human and the Healing Professions

If Christ showed us what it is to be God by the way he died as a human being—simultaneously showing us what it is to be human—how does an ontological realism in this area inform/challenge our visions of the healing professions? If Christ showed us what it is to be both fully God and fully human in the way he died as a human being, what may we infer about Christ’s “healing ministry” from this truth? What may we infer from the fact that Christ’s healings took place “on the way” to his ever-memorable death? This gathering discussed these questions after a short presentation from Fr. Sean.

January 2023

Randa K. Anderson, PhD

Living Liturgy in Practice: Reflections on OCAMPR Conference 2022

This session reflected on impactful points made by keynote and plenary speakers of the 2022 OCAMPR Conference.

This Community of Practice recording is available to OCAMPR members and nonmembers.

October 2022

Dean Theophilos, MA, LPCC, LADC, LCPC, CRADC, NCC

Trauma and Christ: Reflections on being a Trauma-informed Healing Professional and Orthodox Christian

September 2022

Susan Zacharia-Sanders, LCSW

Impact of Suicide on Christ’s Body

August 2022

Mena Mesiha, MD

Icons Serving Icons

July 2022

Joel Klepac, LMFT

Dispassion, Divine Love and The Healing Professional

This presentation focused on “apatheia” in Evagrius of Pontus and others, and how this concept is finding resonance in the current social neurobiology of compassion. Combining the insights from the church fathers and nuances of the social neurobiology of compassion, practical applications will be made for healing professionals offering insights for resilience and spiritual growth. Participants will be invited to connect with others in discussing how the material might apply to their work and spiritual life.

June 2022

Ioana Popa, MD, BCC, MTS

Self care – Renewal In Action & Cycle of Caring

In this session Dr. Ioana shared the fundamentals of the burnout process, common regeneration dilemmas and the 6 steps in The Renewal In Action™ (TRIA) process, as part of her unique integrative methodology to address self-care at the body, mind, heart and soul level, using science, psychology, spiritual care and Christian faith.