OCAMPR Professional Membership is open to all care professionals who are also members of canonical Eastern Orthodox Christian parishes in North & Central America.

If you are a new or returning OCAMPR member with limited income, please feel free to pay what you can afford. Apply one of these coupon codes below:

  • 50DOLLARSOFF – $50 off one annual membership
  • 100DOLLARSOFF – $100 off one annual membership

Payments can be made online using PayPal. To send a check by mail, email to obtain the mailing address. Please do not send it to the address in Brookline, MA or Florida.

Professional Members must be members of parishes under the jurisdiction of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, because the Assembly of Bishops has ecclesial oversight over OCAMPR. Professional Membership is also restricted to care professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, and religion. Individuals who do not meet ecclesial or professional qualifications (such as students, non-caregivers, and applicants whose parishes do not fall under the Assembly of Bishops), are welcome to join as Associate Members.