Seminary Grants

Seminary Grants

OCAMPR believes that the seminarians have a significant role to play in our ethics ministry given their ongoing active academic involvement in the classroom.  Because one of OCAMPR’s key ministries is that of ethics and bioethics, and the seminarians routinely wrestle with theology and ethics, they are in an important position to think about how our Orthodox theology interfaces with common ethical problems of our day which routinely confront our pastors and clinicians. 

It was the idea of a recent seminary graduate with a strong interest in ethics for OCAMPR to offer an annual grant in the amount of $1000 to a qualified Orthodox seminary student who is willing to write a senior thesis on an important ethical or bioethical question. The selected student would be assigned an OCAMPR advisor with expertise in the particular field in question to work to work alongside their faculty advisor throughout the writing process. The completed paper would be published on our website. 

OCAMPR hopes to add a strong Orthodox voice to the plethora of voices already speaking on the ethical and bioethical issues of our day.  If you would like to the help us encourage seminarians to get involved in the ethical/bioethical arena your financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please send a check to  the OCAMPR treasurer with “Seminary Grant” in the memo line.  

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