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Traditionally OCAMPR has been an organization whose primary mission was that of dialogue and fellowship of our membership, predominantly those in the pastoral and clinical fields of psychology, medicine and religion.  We addressed issues related to the whole person, of body, mind and soul through the prism of our Orthodox mindset.  Annual conferences were held, proceedings were published and Orthodox pastors and clinicians had a forum in which to network with one another.  This led to a number of wonderful conferences and publications some of which we have made available.  

In recent years however, the Association felt the need to be more inclusive of Orthodox faithful involved in all the healing arts, regardless of their field of study, and more importantly to become also an organization of service and ministry.= We changed our mission statement to reflect that in addition to dialogue and fellowship we are also now an organization that has taken ownership of a number of worthy ministries in the spirit of the wonderful lives of our patrons, Saints Kosmas and Damianos.  Furthermore,  our Advisory Board is overseeing our work and helping us solidify the link between OCAMPR and the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America which endorses our organization.  It is very important to us to establish the credibility of our work with all Orthodox hierarchy, pastors and clinicians with sound theology and science so that the above mentioned collaboration can take place for the betterment of our Church, in our day. We sincerely hope that these ministries help our clergy to better pastor their flocks at the parish level and deepens the faith of our clinicians so that collaboration between clergy and healthcare professionals will lead to overall better care of all the faithful.    

We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Please  consider joining our association and getting involved in the work that OCAMPR is doing. Please also consider supporting OCAMPR (501c3) financially so that we can continue the ministry of strengthening the faith and work of Orthodox care-givers and faithful.  


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