The OCAMPR archive includes links to helpful articles and papers given by OCAMPR’s most insightful members and guest presentors, as well as conference brochures from some of our past conferences.


On Being a God Husbandman – Stephen Muse (2006)

Orthodox Christian Spirituality and Medical Practice.pdf (2006)

Sex is Holy: Psychospiritual Considerations – Fr. George Morelli (2005)

The Study of Spirituality: Thoughts From the Christian East – Fr. Gregory Jensen (2005)

Healing God’s People in the Parish Community: Parish Nursing – Marion Avtges (2005)

Christian Spirituality and Psychotherapy – Fr. George Morelli (2005)

The Christian Ascetic Tradition on Dejection and Despondency – David Holden(2004)

The Medicine of Faith – Stephen Muse (2004)

Orthodox Christian Maternity Home – Sarah Elisabet Oftedal (2004)

Heart of Faith -Stephen Muse (2004)

Depression, Cognition, and Spirituality – Fr. George Morelli (2003)

A Gift From Holy Russia – Stephen Muse (2003)

Past Conferences


The 2011 OCAMPR conference was a success! Compared to recent years it was well attended and the speakers were outstanding.  Conference 2011 also marked a significant step forward for us as a ministry. It marked the end of first full year of Dr. Mike Christakis’s presidency and the beginning of a new, more robust mission for the organization as a whole.  You can learn more about this by listening to OCN’s interview with Dr. Mike concerning the future of OCAMPR.  If you would like to view the 2011 conference brochure you may do so  here.  You can listen to OCN’s personal interview with Dr. Gayle Woloschak at the 2011 conference here. Dr. Daniel Buxhoeveden’s fascinating lecture can be found here. Dr. Timothy Patitsas’ lecture and conversation with OCN’s Daniel Miles may be accessed here.

OCAMPR 2009 Conference Brochure

OCAMPR 2008 Conference Brochure

OCAMPR 2005 Conference Brochure

OCAMPR 2004 Conference Brochure