The OCAMPR Executive Board is responsible for shepherding the various ministries of OCAMPR. The board is comprised of qualified Orthodox professionals, both lay and clergy, who share a common desire to encourage and nurture Orthodox care-givers in their life and work.

2013-2014 OCAMPR Executive Board Members:
  • Michael Christakis, MD, FACP (President)
  • Gayle Woloschak, Ph.D. (Vice-president)
  • Brenda O’Reilly, Ph.D. (Secretary)
  • Paul Kensicki, MD (Treasurer)
  • John G. Demakis, MD, FACP (Medical Coordinator)
  • James Burg, Ph.D. (Psychology Coordinator)
  • Very Rev. George Morelli, Ph.D. (Religion Coordinator)
  • Philip Mamalakis, Ph.D. (Associate Member Coordinator)
The OCAMPR Advisory Board is an indispensable part of OCAMPR’s work. The Advisory Board is a multi-jurisdictional group of highly qualified Orthodox professionals who, by virtue of their extensive wisdom and collected experience, serve as a hands-on consulting body to the Executive Board.
Members of the 2012 OCAMPR Advisory Board:
  • Bishop Michael (Dahulich) Diocese of New York/New Jersey (OCA)
  • Bishop John Abdallah (AOCANA)
  • Mother Gabriella (ROE)
  • Archpriest John Breck (OCA)
  • Dr. Julianna Ore Weaver (GOA)
  • Dr. Stephen Muse (GOA)
Past Advisory Board Members:
  • Rev. Peter Gilquist +